Day 10,11 ‘Don’t despair!’

I’m so sorry, I have been unable to write these past days. Caught up with all sorts of mayhem but I wanted to leave this for all those in need of some inspiration and good will. ‘Don’t despair!’

I will try to keep you posted this week. But its a tough one for me. Hopefully everything will be fine soon.

Based on the most inspirational speeches ever made:

in memory of all the innocent people that die in vain!

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Day 3 Being Authentic

‘We are all gifted. That is our inheritance’

Ethel Waters

What struck me the most was the sheer sympathy and love that this guy has to music. Unlike no other person he stood quietly, and elicited the beauty of music.

This is a good reminder that no matter what and how if the love to something is so big there can always a way of growing.

Animation makes me feel like I have never grew older. It takes me to places where the limitations is only the ones I put into. Looking into work such as Genndy Tartakovsky with his great ability to capture essence, I feel driven more than ever to develop and grow older in this medium.

The beautiful smears that this movie has within its motion, truly makes drives me to develop and understand further the beauty inside this.

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Sometimes you need to step away from what you re presenting and analyse to full extent what you would like to achieve with all of this work. Through the past months I have been working and developing my skills into becoming better and more proficient in what I do.

Rediscovering techniques, reanalyzing methods of practices I started to understand how much I still have to understand within this world that I live in.

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From pitching, to project management, to Python and all the chaoticness that logic brings with, diverged into compositing  and animation configurations, I have given myself time to learn and digest all the greatness that knowledge and time can offer.

The missions will soon take of to a new level of grandiosity. I belief that great things will come my way.



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T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 4- 13-16


11  10

Inspired from the first 3 pieces played in this album.

The playful poignant feel that such a music evokes shapes up an aesthetic that reveals something that is beyond my words. The flickering effect together with a resolving round tangibility that I am able to produce connect the three forces into a vivid consolidation of energy. The lightness and deep contrast that different harmonies result brings about a depth of great revelation. Something that I want the viewer to connect with and reinterpret with his individuality and perception ideology.

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 3- Page 12-13

16 17 18 19 14

The clean aesthetic that this work brings out sheds a deeper understanding of my personality with the piece of Grappelli and his sound. The music Evokes a sense of liberation that brings out a development of such sort. The main principles are connected within each other and I am working hard to reveal the true energy that will transcend from one viewer to another.

The touch of bow pressure together with the beautiful sound of vibrato resonates within the structure that one can see from the above results. The poignant and beautiful abstraction that results make me feel deeper upon this connection that I am striving to achieve.

T&P 2A- Outcome 2 Part 2 – Music and Light Development 1 & 2- Page 52-60

In these works I evaluated different key musical genres and translated my inspirations through it.

Location: Dark Room and Artificial Torch Light


Indila – Dernière Danse

The initial music that I explored was that of Derniere Danse. This kind of music is one that is inspired me to formulate a woman like presentation. Whilst doing such a work I came into remembrance of archaeological roundness that is found within different mother goddesses in the prehistoric era, such as the ‘Venus of Willendorf’ and ‘The Fat Lady’. The Roundness made me connect to the high pitch that such a music physically exposes.



Polina Semionova : Ballet – H. Grönemeyer 

This music I found myself inspired to formulate it within clear and neat lines of abstraction. The boldness and elegance that is found within such a light and positive composition made revolve into such an expression. The boldness yet the clarity that i found myself listening to made me outburst in such a manner.  The string section has resolved in my head a distinctive line pattern  that resolved through a significant point of pressure.


Clean Bandit Rather Be part 2

Clean Bandit Rather Be

Rather Be- Clean Bandit

Is the contemporary sound music that many relate to in popular cultural. Having heard this genre for endless times I found it surprisingly that I still had a sense of beat within such a fluidity. The eccentric and elegant effect that I was able to approach is a physicality that I would like to further investigate.


Fire flight unbreakable Fire flight unbreakbale part 2

FireFlight – Unbreakable

This music and genre made me feel quite different towards my approach to light. The loud and deep bold rock feel to this sound has engage me within the coiling of a mass structure expression.



Cinematic Orchestra -arrival of the birds 02

Cinematic Orchestra -arrival of the birds

The exploration of such a music meant that I would express myself through a volume and dimentionality that is different from the rest. The amplitude and dynamic sound that such orchestra in such particular work exposes, evoked me in such a manner. Light stands as an important key feature that enabled me to compose something that was unique and bears something of individual interest that can never repeat itself.


After having explored a number of different musical genres, I tried to resolve into one genre that truly justifies and brings within a sense of energy to further investigate my expression of light and music within my individuality.

Looking through the results the most significant parts where I found a clear bound connection was that to do with orchestral, string section pieces. The elemental qualities and sound that such instruments evoke make me relate to my own experience in the musical field. The energy that I translate through music sound from the violin resolves in me a sense of connection that I would like to show and justify its relevance to the viewer.

One of the most inspirational and deeply touchly individuals that marked the way I regard music and the anatomy of it, was in fact Stephano Grappelli. This violinist imprinted a deep impression on me that I started to perieve the true beauty that lies within the musicality that stands in his name.

6. Using same artificial light and dark tonalities, I interpreted Grappelli’s – Stardust

10 15


The distinctive features that such a music evokes in me brings out something that is of personal emotional impact. The results that I have maintained with such light quality is one that is still has to be worked and evaluated further more. The thick and bold elemental quality that such lines embrace are not fully engage with the same pitch that I would like it to result in.

Further investigation will allow me to explore and evaluate different light principles that will ultimately direct me to the development and investigation for my final shoots.